Fr. Leo was very happy with the trip overall. He says:
First, it was a VERY good trip. People were very happy. I enjoyed myself very much.
Hotels: These were well picked, and many positive experiences for sure. Rooms were comfortable, clean and accommodating.
Guide: Esther was a good guide. We worked well together and thankfully we talked each night to plan the next day. Her English is proficient. She was accommodating. She worked hard and got along well with the crowd. She’s an academic who loves history.
Local Guides: These were fine. I liked them well enough. They were willing to keep their talks short. I’d enjoy having either of them as a tour escort for any future trips.
Restaurant: I thought this was well planned. Food was good. Group really enjoyed the cooking demo’s of Paella and Pinxtos, and the restaurants offered some unique things all together.
Bus: Very clean, and the group LOVED having very reliable wifi on the bus.
Overall, a VERY good trip, and one that I’d certainly encourage again in the future.

Thanks again for all of your good, hard work!

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