Spain, one of the most visited countries in the world, has much to offer: from sandy blue beaches located in both its islands and the continental coast, sunny days all year long, medieval towns, moorish “mudejar” architecture in Andalucia, Gaudi legacy in Catalonia, ski resorts, modern-cosmopolitan cities, world well-known pinacoteques to natural green landscapes in the north, Spain is very diverse. Mediterranean cuisine, several festivals and “fiestas”, flamenco music and very hospitable people, you will feel very welcome in this top destination.

Southern-Europe country, Portugal was among the greatest emperors of the seas in the XVth century, and this has contributed to creating one typical architecture, the “Manuelino” style that can be seen as an inspiration of these maritime adventures. The Algarve sea coast, a popular touristic spot, Lisbon: one magical capital city; Porto where the famous wine is ellaborated & also second city of importance, historic villages and Fatima religious town are just some of the wonderful places that can be visited in this fantastic destination.